Date: August 20, 2011
Author:Tegan Quin
Headline: July 2011 - Ask Tegan

Jen writes:
Hey Tegan!
I think I should first say that you and Sara are incredibly talented and beautiful women. Seriously. I absolutely adore the way you dress! I was wondering if you could tell me some of your favourite shops/brands at the moment, or just any "fashion tips" you may have. Also, just for fun, what are some of your favourite pieces of clothing right now? Thanks!

Tegan writes:
Hey Jen!
Oh man! Thanks for the compliment! I don't often consider myself much of a fashion person so its hard for me to give tips. I guess I try to just wear things that I feel good in. That often means layers! Its good to have options! Blazers, sweaters, cardigans etc. Just in case!
My favorite stores change constantly. I have periods where I will justify spending crazy money on "pieces" from designers I love, but then I'll pop in H+M or Forever 21 and find something AWESOME! So I guess the best advice is to keep an open mind! Its all about how you wear things! And how they make you feel. Less about who made it and how much it cost. Sadly sometimes the clothes that make you feel best cost more. ha.
I like to mix things up and buy vintage and mix it with new stuff. So don't be afraid to hit up the used stores.
Good luck and remember that dressing in clothes that make you feel good about yourself is the key to looking great!

Marci writes:
Hi Tegan,
Your shows in Calgary were amazing! In a recent interview you said you had learned a lot during your recording session with Rob Cavallo. I was wondering if you could elaborate on what you learned and how it is affecting your writing and music for the upcoming album.

Tegan writes:
Hey Marci!
We had a great time in the studio with Rob. I was very nervous going into the experience as we have deliberately stayed away from "big" producers in the past. But I had a great time! I learned a lot. Mainly about song writing and arrangements but also about letting go. I think its important to let the song take flight. I think I've been guilty of being too close to my music in the past.
In terms of what I learned and how its affecting what we're writing..I guess I've always thought our songs needed to be quick, precise and sweet...but after working with Rob and talking with him at length about what our band wants our songs are getting longer, more passionate and more personal. Nothing bad has some from the relationship thus far!

Kendall writes:
Hello Tegan!
Do you or Sara ever feel pressured or nervous when fans tell you stuff like, "Your music saved my life"?

Tegan writes:
Hey Kendall!
Never! Music has done that and more for my own life. Its changed, saved, enriched, fixed, consoled, inspired etc. I think that's the point! When I hear that from fans, I think, oh good.
Thanks for the question!

Megan writes:
When you and Sara were in school, did you personally experience homophobia? I know you did a video for the It Gets Better campaign, have you ever thought of speaking to at-risk teens through the LA or Vancouver Pride Centre's?

Tegan writes:
Hey Megan!
I have spoken with a few Gay Straight Alliances in the past few years! I love it. We didn't have anything like that 12 years ago when I was in school so I really try to support the GSA's when I can! Our management take requests! If you have a GSA that wants us to speak at it let them know!

Janelle writes:
What do you enjoy doing more: Making an album or touring?

Tegan writes:
Hey Janelle.
I enjoy both equally. Touring is a totally different monster. I'm nomadic at heart so it does quench that part of me, but creating music and writing and recording it is also very satisfying. Its all part of what makes up my job. And I do see music as a job! But a very cool one!