Date: April 12, 2011
Author:Tegan Quin
Headline: March 2011 - Ask Tegan

Carly writes:
Hey Tegan!
In some of Sara's songs, such as, "On Directing" and "Floorplan" you have vocals in which the audience seem to anticipate when performing live. When leading up to part's of songs that you know the audience goes crazy over, do you feel nervous or also feel that same anticipation? In addition, do you or Sara ever get frustrated if the other messes up the other's song? Thank you,

Hey Carly,
We definitely have moments where there is tension post show over a screw up on stage but there is so much going on in most cases we don't even really notice. I think that Sara and I carry so much responsibility up front from singing to entertaining, telling stories and switching between acoustic and electric guitars and keyboards that we let go long ago that our shows would be 'perfect'. We do expect a lot from our band and hope that their ability and perfection makes up for our mistakes. But from time to time a big screw up/car crash of a song will ignite some fighting backstage! ha. With songs like On Directing or Speak Slow or Time Running or Relief Next to Me where the audience can participate and sing along in certain break down sections etc I definitely feel nervous. But its mainly an excitement. I like to think our audience is part of the show. Its why we talk so openly and so often to them. Its not TV. That's for sure.
Thanks for the question!

Kayse writes:
Hey Tegan,
It is often said that mistakes are learned from. Do you agree? If so, what do you think has been your best (so to speak) mistake? Thanks so much for your time! You and Sara are so inspirational! I honestly don't know who I'd be if I'd never stumbled upon your music. Thanks,

Hey Kayse!
Thank you for writing in. Glad you stumbled upon us! I've made tons of mistakes in my life. I think of those mistakes as learning though and as I get older am much easier on myself about mistakes. Things I tend to screw up over and over again plague me and I cringe over them often, but again, with age I feel that shortness with myself goes away. Life is all about learning. I wouldn't be the person I am today without those experiences so I have to let them go when I worry about them or hate on myself too much for making them. Its hard though. We all want to do right and succeed and when I screw up I'm like anyone else, I cringe and then move on. Ha.
Thanks for the question!

Christine writes:
Hi Tegan,
Thank you for doing this every month. Sara acknowledged that for her it was really hard to play certain songs of The Con right after her break-up with her girlfriend. I wonder if for you too there were times when you resisted playing certain songs. Would you try to change the set list?

Christine! No problem! I love answering questions from you guys! Glad you are interested! We both go through phases where certain eras or songs from our records are too hard or too emotional to play. I think its harder for Sara. I feel once a song is out there in the world, while it still has an emotional trigger in me, is apart of the show and is partly owned by the audience. Obviously its up to us what we play, but I feel like I owe the audience a great show and if a song they want is hard for me to play, I sometimes just have to get over it and play it anyway. That's why I brought back The First and Superstar (if only for a short time). I felt like I owed it to the audience. Ha. I don't think Sara feels that way. We both write from our hearts and about our lives and so break ups and death and all the rest of those life experiences get in there and that definitely makes it hard to sing/play every night. But you get through it. Singing about your heartbreak with thousands of strangers helps. Let me tell you! ha.
Thanks for the question!

Christina writes:
Hi! I know Sara have sang some of your songs like "City Girl" and "Frozen". I think its great that you sing each other's songs:) and how did you guys come about with this decision? Will you cover any of Sara's songs and which one would it be?
P.S. Can't wait for your new record!

Hi Christina.
We tend to cover each others music only once and a while but its always fun. I covered All You Got recently of Sara's. Its one of my favorite songs from her past. That and I Want To Be Bad are really fun to play. I think it changes things up but also allows us to feel the songs from a different place. I think that singing someone else's lyrics, even Sara's, allows me to enjoy the song in a different way. I think we'll experiment with this more in the future!
Thanks for the question!

Hayden writes:
Dear Tegan, Just wondering, what is your favorite festival that you and Sara have ever played at??

Oh wow. This is a tough question. We have played A LOT of festivals over the years. They are all so different. Folk festivals are very satisfying musically but the rock festivals can be exhilarating in a way that a regular show isn't. I think we see them all as opportunities to experiment and play in front of new people. So they are all pretty special!

Diana writes:
Hi Tegan! How are you?
I'm not sure if this subject is suitable for but I guessI have no other way to reach you since you're on the other side of the world (literally) and you've never performed here. I'm wondering what's your view on gay adoption? I'm from Portugal and now gay marriage is legal but not adoption. Every time I get into an argument about it the other person is always like, "The child is going to be mocked and bullied at school when other people find out about their parents, blah blah blah" and I'm just like, "Unfortunately, kids are mocked and bullied at school for random reasons!" Well, I look forward to hearing/reading your thoughts :)

Hi Diana.
I think this is a great question and am happy to give my opinion on the matter. I think that gay people should have the right to adopt. There are literally millions of kids the world over in need of homes and gay people who want to adopt should be able to. I don't see any reason why people would want to stop happy, loving, willing couples from doing something so wonderful for a child in need. In our life time I hope that all countries support same sex marriage and gay adoptions. I know its a dream but I really hope we see that in our life time and I hope to be apart of helping make sure it happens.
Take care,