Date: January 4, 2011
Author:Tegan Quin
Headline: December 2010 - Ask Tegan

M asks:
What was it like touring in a place you'd never been before?

Tegan writes:
It is always exciting touring in new cities, countries, part of the world. It has been a long time since we have worked a new market and so India and New Zealand this past November/December was particularly exciting. Its a whole new world when you start somewhere new. Literally and figuratively. Its also very exciting. I think India especially made me very proud and inspired to do what we do.

Ruth writes:
Hi Tegan,
Just wondering about your gear when touring. When you make the trip to Europe/Australia etc. do your ship all your guitars and other gear a few days before on cargo?

Tegan writes:
Ruth! Great question. We DO have to ship everything usually. Depending on how much stuff we are bringing we sometimes fly stuff but its VERY expensive as you might imagine so mainly we try and ship things. At this point even when we strip it down to the essentials we still have at least 30 pieces plus luggage so its much easier to ship it as well. Flying with the gear all through India, Australia and New Zealand this past few months was a nightmare. So expensive and you just feel bad for the gear and the people handling the gear. Its all so heavy and bulky. It gets beat up and its hard to know if it'll work right on the other end. Stressful!

Leon writes:
Hi Tegan,
Do you get approached by producers seeking to use your songs in adverts and where do you stand on that?

Tegan writes:
Hey Leon. How it works is that our songs are administered by a publishing company. Sara and I own our songs 100% but we allow our publishing to be administered by a bigger company so that all our royalties from radio and TV and movies comes to us in good time. This company also shops our music to commercials, movies, tv people etc. Our record company also has a department that does the same thing. They do this because its great exposure for a band like us that doesn't really get played on the radio. Also, the money they pay us goes to pay back the massive debt we owe to the record company for making, marketing and releasing our records. We have a lot of rules about where our music can and cannot be used. We don't allow any placements for anything related to cigarettes or alcohol. There are some other rules too. But mainly we see advertisements as a great way to promote our band.

Wendy writes:
Hey Tegan,
I wanted to ask this question at the Melbourne Q&A but didn't get the chance:
You and Sara are known for your candour on stage. Has something you've said, e.g. an anecdote about someone you know, gotten you into trouble?

Tegan writes:
Hey Wendy! Definitely! Ha. We sometimes put ourselves into awkward situations without meaning too. We have certainly crossed the line or gotten too personal or said something funny but it was taken the wrong way. Its hard to know that line sometimes. It gets harder and harder to decide what's personal and what's public. Our audience has definitely come to expect a certain level of intimacy now so...

mayragee05 writes:
Hello Tegan,
I was wondering if the fact that you and Sara live so far away from each other has made you guys closer and appreciate each other more? Or has the distance not made any difference?

Tegan writes:
I think the distance has definitely helped our relationship as sisters and as band mates for sure. It gives us the time we need to develop our independence, our own lives, friends and allows for a bit of distance after a long tour couped up all together.