Date: December 27, 2010
Author:Tegan Quin
Headline: November 2010 - Ask Tegan

Katie writes:
Hey Tegan!
As somewhat of a newer fan (saw you for the first time in Des Moines and LOVED IT!), I've been delving deeper into your previous music, projects, etc. with great enjoyment. What would you want newer fans to know about you and Sara and/or your music? The media tends to focus on just certain characteristics, so if you had the chance to talk to people just discovering you, what would you say?

Tegan writes:
Hey Katie!
Sara and I encourage people to visit our website, watch our DVD and come to a live show IN ADDITION to listening to our music. I think that these other things help you truly wrap your mind around what we are trying to do. Its not JUST about music for us. Its about sharing our experiences and our life with all of you. Our books are another key ingredient to our band! ha. We tell people to check those out too! Thank you for being a new fan! You rule!

Alicia asks:
I've noticed in a few of your songs and in some Tegan and Sara interviews in articles you talk about your daydreams. What do you find yourself most often daydreaming about?

Tegan writes:
Thanks for writing in! I tend to think about the past a lot, but also I like to day dream about the future. I think visualizing your future is a good way to make great things happen and to ensure you accomplish all your goals! Plus its a necessary evil of our lifestyle. We sit and do nothing A LOT, so having a good imagination kills the boredom.

Dylan writes:
Hey Tegan!
So I was reading through some of the older questions that have been asked through this fan site, and one thing that made me wonder is that you like the Office British version better than the American version. I was wondering why because I am a huge "Office" fan and though I respect the British version, I love the American one better. Haha.
Thanks for your awesome personality and music!

Tegan writes:
Hey Dylan!
Good question! I like both. I feel closer to the British version because I watched it first, a million times, and love it start to finish. Its perfect in every way. The American version really grew on me though. I think starting in the 3rd season it really found its groove! Both are awesome!

Alejandro writes:
Hey Tegan,
I've always wanted to ask you about how Song Within A Song came about. Was it something that Chris Walla composed exclusively for Are You Ten Years Ago, or was it something he kind of had lying around already? Why did you guys decide to add it to the song? It's such a sweet little piece, and it always feels like a whispered secret when I listen to it in the background of the song.
Big hug,
Alejandro, from Costa Rica

Tegan writes:
Hey Alejandro!
Great question! We were working on Are You Ten Years Ago in the studio and Chris suggested we take a break and create something new. Basically I had recorded Are You Ten Years Ago months before in the studio at home and we were using a lot of the tracks on the record. Chris would grab tracks from my session at home and drag them into the new session. There was SO MUCH going on and we were all get pretty overwhelmed. There needed to be a really good mix so that all the different tracks could work together. But I'm getting ahead of myself. So. We're moving tracks and re recording keyboards and Chris suggests a break. So we start making a new song. Its about a minute and we just record all these weird sounds and parts (mainly Chris ha) and then he records the sounds from the digital board to a 4 track, then back to the digital desk. Then we put that song in the Are You Ten Years Ago mix...boom! Song Within A Song. Its so awesome. Chris is a genius. When we were working on the movie we decided to use it as the theme since you can't really hear it on the record and its so awesome. Its very much a theme for our time making The Con and staying in Portland.

Jena writes:
Hi Tegan!
I've noticed that you guys haven't played I Take the Blame in concert or any of the b-sides like Missing You and such anymore! Do you think you will ever bring them back to the setlists & play them in concert? Love you guys!

Tegan writes:
Hey Jena.
We are definitely always looking to work on new music and old songs and b-sides so that we can spice up our set list year to year. Its tough to appease everyone and our audience DEFINITELY has a list of songs THEY love and so do we. So we try to get as many "hits" in and old songs and new songs as we can. Take The Blame and Missing You and It Was Midnight and Sheets are great songs. I hope we get to do them someday. I also miss playing Not Tonight, Love Type Thing and Trouble.