Date: April 6, 2010
Author: Tegan Quin
Headline: March 2010 - Ask Tegan

Savanna asks:
On your website, you have all of your music videos posted. Well, all except for one: The First. And ironically enough, it is relatively hard to find. So, what I want to know is, why the neglect towards the 10 year old video?

Hey Savanna.
That's a really good question. To be honest I think it might be a bit of an oversight. There was never any conversation about intentionally leaving it out. That being said, Sara and I love our first two records but we almost consider them to be from a different band. We were so young had very little say about the production of the records (especially Business of Art) and we had no say in our music video for The First. Now we are so involved in every aspect, especially the creative parts, of our organization and so I think we find it really hard to face some of our choices from our first 2 records. Ha. I'm going to email management and Sara about The First video and see if anyone feels like including it.
Thanks for the question,

Wendy asks:
I know which parts of Feel It In My Bones you wrote based on which parts you are singing but which parts did you write and which did Sara write for the other collaborative songs Sheets and Paperback Head? Much love and appreciation.

Hey Wendy,
I wrote the music for both Paperback Head and Sheets and then sent the instrumental to Sara and she wrote the lyrics and melodies. When we went into the studio we changed the instrumentation in some cases to accommodate our limitations live (Paperback Head was 7 sequencers all playing at once and would have been nearly impossible to play in it's original form) and in other cases to match up to the vocal and its story elements.
Thanks for writing,

Realtin asks:
When you are finished a tour is there still work(for the band) you have to do while you are at home and off the road?

Hey Realtin,
Yes, there is SO much work for us even when we are not touring. Which is good, because it would get mighty boring doing nothing but touring and then sitting around waiting to tour. Sara and I both write a lot in our off time, as well as write for/with other people/projects. We also do all the press for a tour in the time off before a tour so that will often take 2-3 days for each of us to get through it all. I also have a lot of the business stuff to take care of when I'm at home. From sorting mail and dealing with our business managers, accountants, book keepers and managers to corresponding via email/phone with Sara and our core team about day to day stuff. Everything from flights, press, merchandise designs, marketing plans, video treatments, future touring etc all goes through Sara and I. There are days when I'll spend 8 hours on email dealing with the day to day T+S stuff. I love it. I always had strange fantasies about working in an office when I was a small kid. Living the dream!
Thanks for the question,

Melissa asks:
Hey Tegan, what is the one thing that you can't stand to see happen at your shows? What is your favorite thing to see?

Hey Melissa,
There have been times over the years where people have been too drunk at one of our shows. If I see someone close to the front bothering people by slamming into them or spilling drinks on them or just being plain rude and disorderly I'll have them removed. Not from the venue, usually I'll just request they get moved to the back. I know that if you're drinking responsibly you can enjoy our show more, so I try to look out for the people up front especially. Lets see...whats my favourite thing...well I love seeing how diverse our audience is. We see a lot of the same faces each night and we love that too! I love watching people sing along. Makes me feel really happy to see first hand how our music makes people feel!
Thanks for sending in a question!

Gloria asks:
I noticed that you and Sara, as well as other musicians, often close your eyes when singing or playing an instrument on stage. Is that to get lost in the music, for concentration, or is it something that you do involuntarily?

Hey Gloria,
I can't speak for everyone, but I sing with my eyes closed because I definitely like to lose myself in the moment and the music. I find it easier to get into it if my eyes are closed. I get distracted with my eyes open. There is always a lot going on in the audience and on stage and I find I forget more words and parts when I'm gawking at the crowd. ha.
Hope that makes sense!

Jorge asks:
Hi,Tegan! You've mentioned before that you started playing guitar and piano when you were like 15. When did you started singing? Did you take lessons? Do you have any advice? I love singing but I suck at it, ha! Thanks,Tegan.

Hey Jorge!
We played piano from the time we were 8 until we were 16 or 17. Around age 15 we started messing with a guitar we had in the house. Almost instantly we both were singing and writing songs. It just came naturally I guess. We took 1 voice lesson and maybe 3 guitar lessons...? My advice..practice when ever you can and try writing songs! I find it much more inspiring when I'm playing my own music!