Date: February 4, 2010
Author: Tegan Quin
Headline: January 2009 Ask Tegan

Sarah says:

Hey Tegan,
I know you and Sara have created your own shoe for Macbeth Shoes (love it!) which is owned by Tom Delonge. My question for you, have you given any thought to joining Modlife, which is also a Tom Delonge project?
Take care,
P.S. LOVE the new album! My husband and I just saw you guys play at Massey Hall in Toronto ; it was FANTASTIC!.

Hey Sarah,
I have given some thought to joining Modlife. I think its a really neat project. I have talked at length about it with Tom but I have yet to decide about it. We love our website and like being our own entity. Thank you for the question and the support (the show at Massey, the shoes from macbeth). Take Care!

Realtin asks:
Are you allowed to wear whatever you want to at a photo shoot or are you provided with a selection to pick from?

Hey Realtin,
It really depends on the shoot. The photo shoot that we do at the start of our record to provide press shots to our label is our own, so we wear our own clothes, or at least decide what we are going to wear. In most cases we provide a list of brands, sizes, colors, styles of clothes that we like so when we show up there isn't a rack of bright pink dresses waiting for us. (true story).
Take care,

Ashley says:
Your Yellow and Red demos are floating around the internet. How do you feel about that? Why do you think the Orange demo is so much harder to find?

The orange tape is harder to find as there were less of them. Also, we made a record quite soon after and so there were less songs on it as well! I don't mind that the tapes are on the internet. I always feel bad when I hear that people are paying crazy money for rare stuff of ours. Makes me want to re release the tapes to stop people from ripping each other off. I think they are horrible but...I understand that people MUST own everything we've done. I know this because I own everything shitty from my favourite bands from the 90's. Ha.
Take care,

Nikki says:
Just wanted to know what some of your favourite Canadian bands are and how you feel about shining a light on Canadian talent and inspiring others to follow in your footsteps? You and Sara are real inspirations! See you in Detroit in March!

I love so many Canadian bands. I just recently did a CBC podcast and picked 10 of my favourite Canadian acts! Go check it out. For now check out: Lightning Dust, Gentleman Reg, Char2d2, The New Pornographers, Arcade Fire, Feist, You Say Party! We Say Die!.

Steve asks:
Can you tell us about the video treatment for Alligator?

Hey Steve!
Basically Sara and I are in a winter wonderland with a gaggle of cute girl dancers. Sara nearly kills me, by accident of course, but then saves my life. All while wearing an amazing assortment of winter clothes!