Date: February 19th, 2010
Author: Sara Quin
Headline: Sara Reads "The Disappointment Artist"

I just finished Jonathan Lethem's, "The Disappointment Artist". I cried a number of times and my copy is earmarked to hell. It's the sort of writing I find myself dying to read aloud to others. Which I did yesterday in the dressing room. I found myself choked up almost immediately. It's so heartfelt and fascinating. I highly recommend it.

I stumbled across the book at I was early for a dinner date and I only meant to loiter, keep warm, kill time. I have a DO NOT BUY ANOTHER BOOK ON TOUR rule right now but I couldn't resist the books aesthetic. I know... don't judge a book by its cover... but I did, and I was not disappointed! I really enjoy all of Jonathan Lethem's writing; "Motherless Brooklyn" and "Fortress of Solitude" are my other favorites.

Some of the book really reminded me of this interview on NPR's "Fresh Air":

Michael Chabon is another favorite of mine. I really like the way both of these authors talk about being artists, about loneliness and isolation, the desire to connect to an audience, to fit in, and also about being obsessive collectors etc.

Check them both out!