Date: August 6, 2010
Author: Johnny Andrews (drums), Ted Gowans (guitar/ keys), Shaun Huberts (bass guitar)
Headline: July 2010 - Ask the Guys

Ashley L. asks:
Hey Guys,
Do you think you'll ever want to stop touring to start families, or focus on your personal lives?

Johnny writes:
Hey Ashley L.,
I love touring... it's really great to travel and play music to people all around the world. I also love doing studio work. I love to play drums on all kinds of music. I think eventually in the future I may tour less and focus more on doing studio sessions... get married/start a family??? Who knows???

Ted writes:
I have no interest in slowing down anytime soon. I really love touring.

Shaun writes:
Hey Ashley L.,
So I have had the odd thought about stopping touring and all that, but I realized that I really enjoy it and so I'm not sure if I'll ever stop it completely. Maybe it will one day take a back seat to wanting to start a family, but even then it will still be a part of my life so we'll just have to see, I guess? Ha ha!

Tabitha asks:
Hey Shaun, Johnny, Ted,
I was wondering how you guys spend show days? Tegan and Sara have talked about doing interviews/press stuff. How about you three?

Johnny writes:
Hey Tabitha,
I usually spend my show days getting my drum kit ready (setting up/tuning/cleaning/fixing parts) sometimes I go for a walk around the venue, go to a music store, get lunch, read or surf the internet (ebay). Every day is different. I just try and keep myself busy and productive.

Ted writes:
Scrabble seems to be a constant on this record cycle. I try to play guitar for at least an hour a day and I bring my mbox with me to record as well. Last tour I worked on music for a kids toy commercial. It was a lot of fun and the total opposite of what we do out here. On this recent tour I've started learning French. We'll see how that goes. And of course when we're in a cool city I try to get out and see it. A cool coffee shop or guitar store is always a good score.

Shaun writes:
Well today I have spent a couple hours playing soccer with a few guys from the other bands we are on tour with, then played ping pong, then ate lunch, then biked to a lake, played more soccer, then ate again! This isn't a typical day, but I do try and find a few different things to do each day to entertain myself. I am also getting pretty good at sitting around and doing nothing since that is actually closer to the real answer of what we do while Tegan and Sara are doing press :)

Ashley F. asks:
You guys are all extremely talented musicians! I was wondering who some of the musicians that influenced you are.

Johnny writes:
Hey Ashley F.,
I have been influenced by so many bands and musicians... too many to list!!! I try to listen to every type of music... although I'm really into jazz, rock, pop and soul music... and Tegan and Sara of course! Ha! :) But I love everything!
Some of my favorite drummers are:
Denis Chambers
Chris "Daddy" Dave
Teddy Campbell
Calvin Rogers
Dominic Howard
Taylor Hawkins
Dave Grohl
Matt Chamberlain
David Abbruzzese
Abe Laboriel Jr.
Steve Jordan
Denton Whited

Ted writes:
Thanks Ashley!
I'm constantly finding new musicians that inspire and influence me. When I was getting into guitar I was heavily influenced by punk bands like Rancid, Pennywise, and Green Day. I felt like those bands were playing from the heart and I knew that's what I wanted to do. Later on I became pretty obsessed with hip hop. It sounded heavier to me than most of the late 90's rock bands that were on the radio. I loved Cypress Hill, Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde among others. Wu-Tang Enter the 36 Chambers is one of my favorite records still today. My current favorites are Four Tet, My Morning Jacket, and The Roots to name a few. And if you don't have the new Goldfrapp record you are missing out big time!

Shaun writes:
Ashley F.,
Some of the musicians I have been influenced by are Ben Harper (in particular his bassist Juan Nelson), and a bass player names Pino Palladino, a big session player from the UK. Aside from bass players I grew up listening to the Beach Boys, and of course the Beatles!